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Buying tyres on interest-free

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Replacing tyres can be a significant expense that often creeps up on us. One week you’re driving around just fine and seemingly the next, you have one or more tyres that require replacement. Even the most budget-friendly tyres can sting the wallet if we’re unprepared.

This is where 'Buy Now, Pay Later' (BNPL) schemes come in handy, offering flexible and manageable payment options that can help spread the cost out into more management chunks.

Partnered with leading providers like Zip Pay and Afterpay, Tyrepower offers customers across its over 300 stores nationwide the ability to manage tyre costs without compromising on quality or safety.

What is 'Buy Now, Pay Later’?

Buy Now, Pay Later, or ‘BNPL’ schemes are not a new phenomenon in the Australian retail landscape, but with their expansion and partnership with more business than ever before, many Australians are finding the convenience of BNPL much more accessible.

Originally simple lay-by plans, these schemes have evolved into sophisticated financial tools that allow consumers to purchase required goods immediately and pay for them over time without interest.

BNPL plans have become increasingly popular in the last few years, offering a lifeline during economic downturns and providing flexibility in managing ever-tighter household budgets.

Balancing Cost and Quality with New Tyres

Tyres are crucial safety components of any vehicle, and choosing the right ones for your vehicle and driving habits can significantly impact performance and safety.

With tyres available across a broad price spectrum from budget to ultra-premium, making an informed choice that suits both budget and features can be daunting.

Price is often the deciding factor between tyre A and tyre B, regardless of the benefits of the pricier tyre.

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Tyres as Critical Safety Features

Tyres are your vehicles’ only point of contact with the road surface, and as such should be considered as critical safety items. Good tyres provide traction, handling and braking benefits that are necessary to minimise the potential for accidents, especially in adverse weather conditions.

It’s important to understand, at Tyrepower, you’re never going to be sold a tyre that isn’t appropriate for Australian conditions, and all the tyres we fit to road vehicles are ADR approved, without exception.

That being said, what separates a budget-friendly tyre from a premium product is much more than simple the price.

Decoding the Difference: Premium vs Budget Tyres

There are thousands of different tyres on the Australian market, with like dozens to suit your own vehicle, so what are the reasons you should consider opting for a higher price tyre, even if that means you’ll need to rely on a Buy Now, Pay Later company like Zip Pay or Afterpay to afford them?

  • Improved Safety: Higher end tyres often incorporate advanced technologies and improved materials that enhance safety features. They can offer better grip and shorter braking distances, especially in adverse weather conditions, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Enhanced Performance: If you’re shopping for tyres for a sportier vehicle, high-quality tyres can significantly improve the handling. They respond better to steering inputs and provide more stable handling at higher speeds and during sharp turns. This is particularly noticeable in high-performance vehicles and situations where driver feedback is required.
  • Increased Durability: Premium tyres are generally made with superior rubber compounds featuring exotic additives and more robust construction techniques. This can result in a longer lifespan, meaning they need to be replaced less frequently than budget tyres, which might wear out quicker.
  • Better Fuel Efficiency: Not all of the cost of higher end tyres is due to the materials used, and there can be premium tyres that undergo much more stringent engineering and testing to reduce rolling resistance, which improves fuel economy. This means that over time the extra cost of premium tyres can be offset by savings on fuel.
  • Lower Noise Levels: Choosing premium tyres for your vehicle can reduce noise levels, creating a quieter and more comfortable driving experience. This is achieved through specialized tread patterns that minimize road noise. This is particularly noticeable on mid to high end vehicles.
  • Optimized for Specific Conditions: Whether it’s for off-road, wet weather, or winter conditions, premium tyres are often specialized to perform exceptionally well under specific circumstances. Budget tyres, on the other hand, tend to be more general purpose and may not perform as well in particular conditions.

BNPL for Every Vehicle Type

As you can see, using BNPL options like Zip Pay and Afterpay to purchase premium tyres allows you to purchase tyres that can perform better, last longer and provide a better driving experience.

Whether you drive a passenger vehicle, a high-performance sports car, an off-road SUV, or use a vehicle for work, BNPL schemes allow you to invest in better-quality tyres without the upfront financial burden. To summarise, different vehicles benefit from premium tyres in the following ways:

  • Passenger Vehicles: Enhanced safety and comfort, reducing road noise and improving ride smoothness and longer tyre lifespan.
  • High Performance Vehicles: Superior handling at high speeds, better traction for swift maneuvers and
  • Off-Road Vehicles: Robust designs to withstand rough terrains, greater traction and resistance to punctures.
  • Work Vehicles: Increased durability to handle heavy loads, longer lifespans and less downtime.

Partnering with Zip Pay and Afterpay

Tyrepower makes it straightforward for you to manage your tyre expenses over time. By providing Zip Pay and Afterpay in stores, these partnerships ensure that you can access the best tyres for your needs while spreading the cost over manageable installments, interest-free.

Free Tyre Health Checks: Only at Tyrepower

Recognizing the importance of having tyres in good condition, your local Tyrepower store offers a free tyre health check service. This service includes assessing tyre age, remaining tread depth, and general condition.

Routine tyre checks aren’t just about selling more tyres, but also helps in making an informed decision about when to replace tyres and what kind to invest in. Having a few months of notice when your tyres are getting low in tread means that you’re unlikely to be caught by surprise.

Visit Your Local Tyrepower Store

The team at your local Tyrepower is ready to assist you with information on the latest tyres, offer advice on the best options for your vehicle, and explain our flexible payment solutions, including BNPL options through Zip Pay and Afterpay.

Don't compromise on safety or quality—choose the smart way to purchase tyres with buy now, pay later at Tyrepower. Remember, investing in good tyres is investing in your safety.

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